Happy New Year!!!

I am sure you are wondering why this crazy chick is saying “Happy New Year” in April! Well, it is my first blog post of the year 2013, and I have a birthday coming up so it seems more than appropriate. So much has happened in the last couple of months, and I have received lots of calls, texts and threats from friends, family (my MOM yo! I didnt know she read this blog. I hope she loves it cos I learned a lot from watching her cook when I was a kid). I am working on consistency, and hopefully sooner than later I will get it together. Until then, I invite you to visually take a walk back in time as I revisit some of the creations out of my kitchen …


The most delicious turkey I ever had! And I am not saying this just because I made it under the duress and it was all gone 2 days later!

The story behind this turkey is one I am too ashamed to tell, all I can say is kids, stay away from alcohol! Enough said Continue reading

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Coconuts and milk ….

I am going to attempt to creep back in here, and act like I did not neglect this blog for the last two months or so. I could come up with a plethora of excuses like I was busy trying to move, searching for a new place, finding said new place, moving to this new place and now having to get settled in. Like I said already though, these are all excuses. Admittedly my life has gotten a tad crazier than it was when I begun this blog, but I will really try to make an effort to blog more because it is therapeutic. I am working on doing better, I hope I do better, and if you think I am slacking, feel free to send me a nasty email sometime, lol. Not too nasty though. Enough of the apologies, and off to the fun stuff

So I am not a big fan of coconuts

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We gat mensheenz!!!

I have a bad habit of checking my phone through the night, so last night I checked my phone and noticed that I had gotten a mention on twitter. In my semi-conscious state I opened up the mention, but it didn’t make a whole lot of sense until ………………………………… Continue reading


Cali loveage continued …

I spent a couple hours thinking about what I was going to write for my next post, and absolutely nothing came to mind. I decided to work on some pictures I took for the little surprise get-together we had for my friend earlier today, using Picasa. Can we say jackpot??? I saw a link to create a movie presentation, and of course my curiosity got the best of me, and an hour or two later, I am proud to present you with this ….. Continue reading